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The Enthroned One is Laughing

blueberriesWhy do the nations conspire
and the peoples plot in vain? (1)
The kings of the earth take their stand
and the rulers gather together against the LORD
and against his Anointed One. (2)
“Let us break their chains,” they say,
“and throw off their fetters.” (3)

The One enthroned in heaven laughs;
the Lord scoffs at them. (4)
Then he rebukes them in his anger
and terrifies them in his wrath, saying, (5)
“I have installed my King
on Zion, my holy hill.” (6)

I will proclaim the decree of the LORD:
He said to me, “You are my Son;
today I have become your Father. (7)

Ask of me,
and I will make the nations your inheritance,
the ends of the earth your possession. (8)

You will rule them with an iron scepter;
you will dash them to pieces like pottery.” (9)

Therefore, you kings, be wise;
be warned, you rulers of the earth. (10)

Serve the LORD with fear
and rejoice with trembling. (11)

Kiss the Son, lest he be angry
and you be destroyed in your way,
for his wrath can flare up in a moment.
Blessed are all who take refuge in him. (12)
Psalm 2 NIV (1984)

If we take our cue from the Lord, we will remain in peace today, and every day. We might even be able to enjoy him and this amazing world with which he has blessed us.

The mustard seed is still growing (see Matthew 13:31-32).



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President Obama’s Trip to Iran

turkeyNo, our president has not yet announced that he plans a trip to Iran. However, rumors of a planned visit to Tehran have been swirling for a year or more, and those rumors take on even more plausibility as Washington and Iran edge closer to a historic nuclear treaty.

Until Tuesday morning I had given zero thought about a presidential trip to Iran. That changed because of a detailed dream I had on Tuesday morning about just such a trip and its awful result. I dream often, and I can tell when a dream is personal, or when it describes events that are beyond my personal spheres of experience. This was a dream that stretched far beyond my personal experience to touch on world affairs.

Without getting into all the details of the dream, Iran is not a safe place for our president. I do not believe that we can trust the leaders of Iran, especially in view of their overt antipathy to the United States. Iran is a dangerous place to put the president of the Great Satan, the term Iran’s leaders use to describe the United States of America. When you have indoctrinated an entire population for almost a generation in the belief that a country is the Great Satan, it is certainly not circumspect for the man who is the face of that country to attempt a cozy visit.

That was clearly the message of the dream. In it, our president visited Iran, but things took a disastrous turn during the visit. As a result, the United States was forced to take critical action, including unleashing an intense military response. During the course of this dream, I was first an observer of the president’s trip, then a participant in the planning session about how to respond to Iran’s actions, and finally an Iranian citizen watching as the United State’s response unfolded in Iran. The fact that I played so many different roles, and saw so many details, made this dream even more disturbing. It had the marks of a visionary experience rather than a dream.

Do I believe that our president is planning a visit to Iran? I would not be surprised to discover that he is, especially since he has been working toward what many perceive as a significant nuclear agreement with Iran. Do I believe that such a trip would expose him and the people of both countries to grave dangers? That certainly is what the dream was about. But if the dream truly represents a future reality, why would Iran risk doing something that would provoke a destructive military response?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in his speech to the United Nations on September 29, 2014, has helped us with the answer to this question. In his speech, available at the C-SPAN website, he shares insights about the type of militant Islam that Iran represents. Iran is seeking to restore a worldwide Islamic Caliphate that it would lead. At its root, this militant strain of Islam is anti-American and anti-Israel. This fact alone is sufficient answer to the question.

However, there is even more cause for concern. Many militant Islamists look to the return of the Mahdi, a messianic warrior, who will lead Islam to victory around the world. Many from militant Islam believe this messianic figure will be revealed, as Prime Minister Netanyahu stated at the UN, when the militants trigger the Mahdi’s apocalyptic return through their violent actions. Many strains of Islam, some present among the highest ranks of Iranian leadership, look for the return of Mahdi during a time of apocalyptic war, and perhaps even nuclear exchange.

The beliefs espoused by militant Islam, and held by many in Iran, certainly are cause for concern. They provide a theological basis for something that would be entirely incomprehensible to the western mind. It would simply never enter our minds that someone might see a state visit as the perfect opportunity to release the apocalyptic events that are said to precede the Mahdi’s return. People who are rooted in western Christian culture, and even the now prevalent western humanistic culture, simply do not think in those terms. But Iran is not western.

If this dream was from the Lord, he gave it so that his people would reverse the real Satan’s plans in this arena. We have been given the keys of authority by Jesus (see Matthew 16:18-19 and Matthew 18:18-19). While Satan would love to stir up hatred and death, Christians can release peace and life. Where Satan would love to release irrational action and confusion, we can pray for wisdom and clarity.

President Obama has slightly over a year and a half left of his term. I do not know if a trip to Iran is in his plans. However, at this point, if such a trip is announced, I know how I will pray. I will pray that every one of Satan’s plans against him, our country, and Iran’s people will fall to the ground without being accomplished. I will pray that those who have a fevered vision for chaos are absolutely disappointed by what does transpire. I will pray for peace.

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A Turkey Shortage for Thanksgiving?

turkeyOn February 10th, the Lord told us something a bit puzzling. He told us that there would be a turkey shortage for Thanksgiving. Sometimes I just scratch my head over the stuff that the Lord shows us. The Middle East seems headed toward nuclear armageddon. Virulent strains of Islam are killing Christians in horrific atrocities. Gay rights activists and progressive media outlets are launching public attacks intended to shame into silence all those who support the idea that marriage is for one man and one woman. The Supreme Court will soon issue a ruling which will either continue to allow states to decide the issue of gay marriage, or they will follow the path of Roe V. Wade and make something up out of whole cloth. These are days of incredible consequence on so many fronts, and yet the Lord is speaking to us about turkeys for Thanksgiving.

It actually is not as odd as it sounds, when you get right down to it. Even as the Lord told us about the turkeys, he said it is a result of a war that is going on for the hearts of people. He told us that people do not have thankful hearts. Isn’t it funny that we celebrate Thanksgiving, yet each year it becomes more evident that people really are not all that thankful? Even among those who are grateful for what they have, many no longer know whom to thank. This lack of thankfulness comes at a cost. Thanksgiving has become a holiday for hypocrites who gather to give thanks, and yet do not. This hypocrisy has left an opening for Satan’s minions to launch an attack.

If you have been following the news in recent weeks, you have seen the beginning of the attack. You know that the bird flu has made sudden inroads in the midwest, in of all places, turkey farms. I just read an Associated Press article that states,

A bird flu outbreak that has puzzled scientists spread to three more Midwest turkey farms, bringing the number of farms infected to 23 and raising the death toll to more than 1.2 million birds killed by the disease or by authorities scrambling to contain it. (See full article HERE).

What seemed very odd on February 10th now comes into clear focus. A bird flu outbreak on turkey farms, an outbreak that is puzzling scientists, is decimating flocks in the midwest and has already cost the lives of over a million birds. While at this point I would suspect that this isn’t enough dead turkeys to threaten our Thanksgiving turkey supply, it is a significant start to something that could become epidemic among turkey farms. If that happens, there will no doubt be a turkey shortage for Thanksgiving.

I’m certainly not writing this so that readers in the United States begin to horde turkeys, or rush out to the store to get their Butterball brand birds before the November holiday draws near. I am writing this as an intercessory alert. When the Lord shows us a problem, he usually shows us a solution. That solution is his intercessory people.

The enemies of light intend to spread their darkness by taking advantage of a gap that now exists between our land and the grace and protection we need over our food supply. Those enemies, the spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places, have released a disease intended to ravage turkey flocks across the United States, and to spread economic ruin and fear among those who make their living providing turkeys to the United States populace. The shift in spiritual climate in the United States, in this case the lack of truly thankful hearts even on a holiday dedicated to thankfulness, has created an opening—a gap through which the wicked ones can inject their evil designs. That is the reason this outbreak is puzzling scientists. It has spiritual roots. They will not be able to handle it unless they get our assistance.

The wicked ones will succeed with their evil intent unless there are intercessors who are willing to step into the gap, who are willing to grab the censers of intercessory authority and petition, and then stand between the plague and the rest of the turkey farms to prevent the spread of disease and destruction. That is the reason the Lord spoke to us on February 10th. He was preparing this intercessory call in order to foil Satan’s evil intent.

But we can’t just pray for turkeys. They are only a symptom of the problem. Our true problem is spiritual. Our nation is being infected by a deadly disease: the lack of thankfulness. As we lift up prayers on behalf of the birds, let’s also ask the Lord for the spiritual reformation we so desperately need as a nation. Perhaps if we do, we will not only have enough turkeys for thanksgiving, but those who are eating those turkeys might do so with truly thankful hearts.


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It’s Called Seer Ease

Ceres300Have you noticed the sign in the heavens? The dwarf planet Ceres (pronounced seer-eez) has captivated scientists because of two bright lights shining from its surface. The NASA community, and those who watch the heavens, are abuzz over the lights and what they mean. The prophetic community should be just as intrigued.

The picture at left was taken by the Dawn spacecraft on February 25th. That spacecraft is just about to complete its 900 million mile, seven-and-a-half year journey to Ceres this week. It is scheduled to enter Ceres’ orbit this Friday, March 6th. You will notice the two bright lights that appear near the center of the photograph. Those lights are causing the stir. At present, no one knows what they are. There is much speculation at this point, but until the Dawn spacecraft gets close enough to take high resolution images, and to perform other scientific tests, all NASA is able to do is speculate as it waits impatiently for more data. At this point NASA is officially “puzzled.”

The fact that Ceres is causing a stir as the Dawn Mission nears its conclusion is rather appealing to our congregation. We have been watching the Dawn Mission since mid-2007. In fact, I launched this blog at that time, and linked the start of this blog to the Dawn Mission. I have preserved that short post from this blog’s pre-Wordpress days HERE. The Lord so directed our attention to the beginning of the Dawn Mission, that our media team even attended the launch of the spacecraft in 2007. Since then, I have followed its mission reports as it has provided scientists with much valued information about our solar system.

It was only recently, as I was looking up information on Ceres, that I came across the pronunciation guide that I have highlighted in the title. It is pronounced seer-eez. Of course, I knew how to pronounce Ceres from having heard it pronounced. But until I saw the pronunciation guide, it did not occur to me that is sounded like Seer Ease. That odd bit of information has drawn my attention even more closely to what the Lord might be saying.

According to 1 Samuel 9:9, a seer is a prophet. Our congregation, New Dawn Community Church, is a seer congregation. We are part of a ministry stream that majors in seer revelation. I believe this coincidence is actually a part of the message in the heavens. As the prophetic gifts have been restored to the Church, the Church has been ill-at-ease with them. Wouldn’t it be nice if Ceres was a heavenly sign that the prophetic gifts were about to attain wider acceptance in the Church? Or that the seers were about to hit the easy button (another way of pronouncing eez) and step into higher levels of revelation and grace for ministry? Stranger things have happened throughout Church history. God releases unexpected light in key places, and then the Church begins to understand his truth more fully.

Whether that is part of the meaning of this sign or not, I believe we are witnessing some sort of sign in the heavens. The Lord has placed the heavenly bodies in the sky to mark signs and seasons, days and years (see Genesis 1:14). That means that the Lord has placed Ceres, a dwarf planet that we did not even know about until one hundred fifty years ago, and could not see clearly until last week, as a sign for our time. When he created the world, he was well aware of the fact that the Dawn Mission would approach Ceres at this time in earth history. He also knew that the sign would be so unexpected, and so puzzling, that NASA would have no immediate answer for it. I suspect that as the Dawn spacecraft gets closer to Ceres, they will be able to figure out if the lights are a reflection from water or minerals, or ice volcanoes, or something even more spectacular. But in the meantime, I believe the Lord has gotten our attention. I believe that is his purpose in this process.

While we await the scientific explanation, I can offer a biblical meaning. Back in 2007, at the inception of the Dawn Mission, the Lord showed us that the mission was tied to Isaiah 60:1-3 (NIV):

Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.
See, darkness covers the earth
and thick darkness is over the peoples,
but the LORD rises upon you
and his glory appears over you.
Nations will come to your light,
and kings to the brightness of your dawn.

When you realize that there is no way we could have known about this strange light phenomenon seven years ago when the Lord linked this passage about God’s light and glory to the Dawn mission, you begin to understand that this sign in the heavens is most encouraging.


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Fifty Shades of Nausea

fiftyshadesThe newest demonic attempt to subjugate men and women by snaring them with perverse sexual hooks is breaking records across the United States as it aims for $500 million dollars worldwide. At the same time, since the Lord pays very close attention to such things, it is probably also sealing Hollywood’s fate. I was going to entitle this post Fifty Shades of Demonization, but I am so saddened by the fact that Satan has been able to use Hollywood to foist this video trojan horse on so many people, that I’m feeling a bit sick about it. The demonic influence, the hooks, that this movie will impart to those who are not already afflicted in this area, will cause them pain, confusion, and physical and mental heartache for years to come—and may accompany some to their death bed long after destroying the joys of their marriage bed.

Pornography, any pornography, is an attack against the marriage bed, and will bear bitter fruit decades beyond its experience (except for those who are delivered by God’s grace). It is a fruitless pit that has entrapped millions of men and women into a negative spiral that destroys relationships with both God and man. The fact that Hollywood has become so facile at packaging it in a form that is breaking records, only speaks to their culpability, and to their ultimate recompense.

Last night I had the pleasure of dining with a group of friends who lead other churches in my area. It is always an enjoyable time as we spend time growing together while sharing food. It was a great night in a lot of ways, except for one point that threatened my digestion. One of the pastors at the table brought up the fact that many of those who were helping make Fifty Shades of Depravity so successful, were Christians who attended our churches every weekend. I was, as the British are wont to say, gobsmacked. As several voices were raised in affirmation of his statement, I responded rather adamantly, “Not in my congregation.”

I couldn’t imagine. I just could not imagine. I know God’s people can be a mess as they grow up in him, but I also know how passionately the folks that I pastor are pursuing the Lord. They understand that they are to be in the world, but not of the world (see John 17:13-19). They understand that in the day we are living that the Lord has called us to waist deep commitment in him (see Ezekiel 47:3-6); that waist deep commitment involves sanctifying our sexual lives. They understand that if they want to be anything more than Satan’s plaything, someone he can torment at will, they will wear the breastplate of righteousness and thus, guard their hearts (see Ephesians 6:10-18). How could anyone who is pursuing the Lord with any level of energy put Fifty Shades of Deviance into their ear and eye gate? I still cannot imagine.

Don’t misunderstand, I can imagine how people who are playing church can do such things. I can imagine how those who are still infants, tossed back and forth by every wind of deceitful teaching can do such things. I can imagine how someone who hasn’t been taught about true grace and righteousness might do such things—or even those who are fighting demonic strongholds. I just cannot imagine how a Christian who is being sanctified by the Lord Jesus Christ through his Holy Spirit could easily do such things. The war, the anguish, the ripping away of peace, the groaning as our spiritual strength wastes away, these things that accompany rebellion make it all but impossible for a Christian to lightly step into something like this movie. I can imagine that there are Christians who are deceived into seeing Fifty Shades of Degeneracy because of their lack of spiritual growth and discernment, I just can’t imagine that there would be many, nor that it would be all that enjoyable an experience. If they have not totally seared their conscience, they would feel the cords of bondage wrapping around them as they partake of the putrid leavings of a degenerate director.

Obviously, I expect that most people who read this blog are not among those so deceived. However, if you have been thus deceived, there is forgiveness and deliverance available, it is as close as calling out to Jesus for his help. He truly has come to set us free from such bondage (see John 8:34-36). However, it always starts by recognizing our great error, and then focusing on his great grace. He cannot forgive excuses. He most heartily forgives repentance as he strengthens us for future victory.

As I wrote above, Fifty Shades of Debauchery may also be one final nail in Hollywood’s coffin. The Lord is so merciful, that when he was forced to send judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah because the outcry against them had reached heaven, he also put their sin on display so that those who could not hear the outcry would be able to see that his judgment was just. In much the same way, Fifty Shades of Degradation has now showcased how adept Hollywood has become at packaging the most depraved material for a mass audience. It has become a master at causing many to stumble. As a result, I can hear echoes of Jesus’ words reverberating through the atmosphere:

But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.
(Matthew 18:6)

If those pastors who voiced their opinion that many Christians are stumbling into this movie are right, I would expect to see a divine response ere long. My hope is that they are absolutely wrong.

Kyrie eleison!


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