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Randy is the pastor of New Dawn Community Church in Coral Springs, Florida (9335 W. Sample Road, Coral Springs, FL 33065). Check out the church’s website at www.newdawn.org.

From Randy:

Welcome to my blog: I plan to keep notes on what the Lord is showing me on this site. In that way,  we can all work together on understanding his language and the times in which we live a bit better.

Read The Launch below. It is the first entry on this blog. It explains our timing and our purpose for this site.




NASA is launching the Dawn Mission to Ceres and Vesta sometime around July 7 (http://dawn.jpl.nasa.gov/). In conjunction with this launch of our namesake, we have launched our new media ministry on Coral Springs Cable television (Sunday Nights at 7:00pm on channel 11). I am also launching this blog site to discuss things that the Lord is showing to us about what he is doing, or things we have heard that the Lord has shown to others.

Of course, during the hurricane season, I will be discussing the things that the Lord has shown us about the current hurricane season. I can tell you up front, pray a lot.

My hope is that the information I release will take us all to new heights as we grow together in the Lord.

Update: Nasa announced that the Dawn spacecraft will not take off until September because of the highly limited launch opportunities during the month of July. Well, that means that we launched significantly ahead of Nasa. I could preach that with a tongue-in-cheek flair (staying ahead of the world, etc.), but instead will simply point out that we also have limited launch opportunities in July because of our sabbatical, and September works much better . . .


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